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Integrating Equip with Your Website

What does an Equip Integration Mean?

There are two ways in which you can integrate with Equip:

API-only Integration - We expose our REST APIs so that steps like creating an assessment, viewing the results of an assessment can be automated. The candidate will still attempt the assessment on the Equip website, but YOU needn't visit our website

SDK Integration - You use our JavaScript SDK and embed Equip within your website in a white-labelled manner (the way Google Maps is embedded with Uber, say). With this, you can completely customize the UI and significantly customize the functionality of Equip. Neither you nor the candidate needs to visit Equip for this - everything happens on your own site. With the SDK integration, you also get the API integration

Neither integration gives you direct access to our questions. For example, you cannot just say, "Give me 100 Python MCQs". What you can do, though, is create an assessment with Python MCQs. When the candidate starts the assessment, questions are automatically picked from our Question Bank.

What does each integration cost?

By themselves, the integrations don't cost you anything extra. To get access to the integrations, you need to make a minimum monthly purchase of credits. These credits can be used towards assessments, exactly as outlined on our Pricing Page. Discounts, expiry, etc are the same as outlined there.

Integration TypeMinimum credit purchase
API-only500 credits/month
SDK2000 credits/month

On Equip, a credit is deducted when the candidate finishes the first test of an assessment. If you are using an integration, the credit is deducted as soon as they start the first test of an assessment.

When should I use API-only v/s SDK?

Of course, everyone would prefer the SDK integration. But, from a "time to go live" perspective, the SDK integration is at least 50X the effort. Choose the SDK integration only if you have a tech team that has the bandwidth. We have seen many cases where customers are excited about the SDK integration because of its white-labelling features. But, once they start the integration, they realise that they don't have bandwidth and the project is discontinued.

How do I get started with the Integration?

These are the steps:

Create a team if you haven't already
Test Equip with your free credits to see if it is working fine. Remember that whether you use the Equip website or the integration, most things remain the same
Make a minimum purchase on our website corresponding to the amount mentioned in the table above
Email or chat with us, to get the documentation on integration and credentials

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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