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How Referrals and Rewards Work

We have rolled out the Recruiter Referral program only for our Indian customers currently.

Referring Other Recruiters

If you are already a Recruiter on Equip, you can refer recruiters from other companies to create their own Teams. And, you get financially rewarded for this

The rewards can be earned in one of two ways:

Referral Reward: You immediately earn ₹200 for the first recruiter you refer. We don't even wait until the person you are referring has created a Team!
Payment Reward: For every team you refer (not just the first), you earn 10% of every payment they make for 1 year after they create the account.

The rewards will be paid out as a link that you can remit to your bank account via NEFT or UPI ID.

Referral Reward Rules

You can only invite someone whose email domain (i) doesn't already have a Team on Equip, and (ii) hasn't already been invited earlier
We decide this based on the domain. For eg, if someone else has invited and you try to invite, our system won't let you
There is no limit to the number of recruiters you refer, but you will win the referral reward on only the first referral
If your team was created via someone else's referral, you cannot earn the referral reward
Your team must have been created more than 24 hours earlier for you to start referring others
Only the first three recruiters of any team can earn the Referral Reward
You may refer a non-Indian company to still earn the Referral Reward
You must refer a bona fide company. If you enter an email id that doesn't correspond to someone relevant for hiring at a different company, it won't count as a valid referral. The payment may go through, but we may ask you to return the money.

Payment Reward Rules

When you refer a recruiter, we email them a link that includes your referral code. If they decide to remove the referral code when they create the team, you won't count as their referrer, and won't be entitled to any reward
The reward amount is the amount net of discounts, excluding GST. For example, if they pay Rs 11,800, because Rs 1,800 as GST, you will get 10% x 10,000 = Rs 1,000
You earn the rewards for all payments they make within 1 calendar year of creating their account
You'll receive the reward payment links on your email automatically as soon as the other recruiter's payment is successful
You are entitled to Payment Rewards only from companies that register on our platform as an Indian entity and pay us in Indian rupees
You are entitled to Payment Rewards only if the company purchases credits towards conducting assessments. Other payments (for eg, towards customization, content creation) do not qualify.

Note: In the case of any dispute or disagreement related to the validity of a payment claim, the decision of the Equip team will be final and binding.

Being Referred

If you use the referral code while creating your team, the person whose referral code you used will be notified when you make the payment. We don't reveal who made the payment that led to their reward. We just inform them of the reward amount they have earned.

But if, for example, they have referred only one team, they can infer who made the payment.
You are entitled to Payment Rewards only from companies that register on our platform as an Indian entity and pay us in Indian rupees

Updated on: 12/05/2024

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