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How Credits Work, And How To Purchase Them

How Credits Work

On Equip, each team has a certain number of credits. For example, when a team is created, it starts off with 10 credits. As candidates attempt assessments, this number decreases (for more details, see our Pricing Page). The table below explains what happens when your credits become negative.

Number of CreditsOutcome
< 0You (and your Team) cannot see any results
< -25No candidate can attempt your assessment

Thus, to ensure a good candidate experience, it is imperative that you keep your credit balance healthy!

When is a credit deducted from my account?

A credit is deducted every time a candidate finishes the first test of an assessment. So, if a candidate drops out of an assessment before finishing the first test, the credit won't get deducted.

For example, you create an assessment with two tests and invite 10 candidates to take the assessment. 2 candidates drop out midway through Test 1, 3 candidates finish Test 1 and drop out during Test 2. 5 candidates finish both tests. You will then be charged 8 credits.

How To Add Credits

On all your account pages (say, the Recruiter Dashboard), at the bottom left, you will see your current credit balance. You will also see a 'Purchase Credits' button where you can buy more credits. On clicking the 'Purchase Credits' button, you are led to a page where you can add as many credits as you want. Volume-based discounts are automatically applied. Once you make the purchase, your credit balance will update automatically. Credits do not expire.

Buying Credits

We currently only accept all forms of debit/card cards as the mode of payment.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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