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Assessments, Tests, Questions - the Hierarchy

This article gives an overview of the different terms used within Equip.

Equip Tests Hierarchy


You invite candidates to assessments on Equip, and then see their results. An assessment maps to a specific role (Python Developer, Account Executive) and may contain multiple tests within it. The candidate attempts the tests one-by-one.


Each assessment is made up of one or more tests. For example, a Python Developer assessment may have one quiz and one programming challenge. The candidate attempts a test in one sitting and then starts the next test


A test is made up of one or more questions. Depending on the test type, there may be a single question (a programming challenge), multiple questions being shown one-by-one (quiz with Equip's content), or multiple questions being shown all at once

Custom Test

A test you have created with your own questions. Once you create a custom test (say, a Video Response), you can add it to any assessment by selecting the Test Type (Video Response) and then clicking the Add button, followed by My Content

Custom Test

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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