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Proctoring Settings for Tests on Equip

As the candidate takes the assessment, Equip continuously monitors the video feed, the audio feed, and the screen the test taker is on. If Equip detects that, for example, 2 people are looking at the screen, it immediately takes a photo of the camera feed.

What do Proctoring Settings Mean?

Detect Audio: Record noise and audio cues in the background.
Detect Face: Capture a photo if the camera detects no faces (no face in the camera view or candidate covers the camera) or multiple faces.
Detect Switched Tab: When a user switches to a different tab/application, we detect this.
Switched Tab Screenshot: When a user switches to a different tab/application, capture a screenshot (Works on Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers for Desktop).
Take Random Photos: Capture a few photos of the candidate throughout the test.
Detect Multiple Monitors: Detect if the candidate is connected to more than one monitor.
Capture Photo Before Start Test: Take a photo of the candidate's face before every test starts. For the first test, it is enabled by default.
Enforce Full Screen: Candidates cannot take the test without entering full-screen mode when this is enabled. Recommended to avoid tab switching and cheating.
Enforce Desktop: Candidates can use only desktop to take the test. Useful if you are conducting coding challenges which requires the user to have a large screen to work with.
Record User Session: Records the candidate's screens and actions (mouse clicks, keyboard typing), as they attempt the test.
Show Webcam Preview: Candidates will be able to see their webcam preview throughout the test.

Additionally, plagiarism is detected for programming tests if candidates try copy-pasting code during the test. All plagiarised attempts for programming tests are marked as Plagiarized on your Results Dashboard.

In case you are creating a test with your own content, you edit proctoring settings as you need. Click here to learn how to create custom test.

Checking Proctoring Settings for Each Test

To see what aspects of a candidate’s environment are being tracked, click on the Edit proctoring settings icon (marked with a green arrow) on the Test Order tab page for any test, to see which proctoring settings are enabled for that specific test. However, if you are using Equip's content for the test, you cannot change the proctoring settings because we keep it standardized for tests with Equip's content.

Click on the Edit proctoring settings icon to see what will be tracked during the test

Ensure that you check the proctoring configurations for each test to know what is being tracked, as they may vary for different tests.

Modifying Proctoring Settings for Tests

A recruiter can check these settings while creating an assessment or later by going into the settings of any assessment from Recruiter's Dashboard.

When using Equip’s content we disable Detect Audio, Detect Face, Enforce Desktop, and Show Webcam Preview which can be enabled when you use custom content.

Proctoring settings for the test with Equip's content

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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