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Questions, Difficulty Levels and Years-of-Experience

Difficulty Levels

All questions (for test types like Quizzes, Coding Challenges, etc) are tagged with a difficulty level on Equip. When you create an assessment, you need to choose the difficulty level of the questions that go into it. To choose the difficulty level, you must consider two things:

the role's seniority (desired years of experience)
how skilled must the hire be (are you looking at the top 1% of developers in the world, or are you happy with the top 20%?)

Depending on the test type, there are different difficulty levels

Test TypeDifficulty Levels
QuizMedium, Hard, Expert
Coding (Programming, SQL, CSS)Medium, Hard, Expert

Sample Content


To understand what, say, a medium-level quiz question corresponds to on Equip, you can visit our Skills Page and see the sample questions for that skill. Then, look at the table below.

Years of ExperienceDifficulty LevelPoints
0 - 2 yrsMedium1, 2 pts
3 - 4 yrsHard3, 4 pts
5+ yrsExpert5, 6 pts

So, if you add 2 Medium-level difficulty questions to your assessment, Equip picks 2 questions of 1 or 2 points at random. If you add 1 Hard-level question, a 3 or 4-point question will be selected, and so on.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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