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Testing for Multiple Skills At Once

We Recommend Adding Multiple Skills to Same Quiz

Equip allows you to test for multiple skills on the same assessment. If you are using Quizzes (MCQs, etc) and Equip's Content, there are two ways in which you can achieve adding multiple skills.

In the first method, you can add all the skills to the same Quiz. The questions are drawn from the different Question Banks and jumbled up together and presented to the candidate as a single Quiz. For example, if you have selected C++ and English Grammar as the skills, the first question may be on C++ and the second question on English Grammar.

In the second method, you add each skill as a separate Quiz. So, the candidate finishes all questions on C++, submits the quiz and then starts another quiz on English Language. If you test for 5 skills, the candidate will have to start 5 different quizzes.

We highly recommend that you add skills to an existing Quiz instead of creating separate Quizzes:
1. Better Candidate Experience: Candidates have to attempt only one quiz for multiple skills instead of starting many quizzes.
2. Convenient for Recruiters: The recruiter will only see one quiz score, rather than multiple scores, which simplifies the process of analysing results and shortlisting candidates.

How To

Once you are on the ‘Tests’ tab on the Create Assessment page, there are two ways to add skills to your assessment.

1. Adding Skill to an Existing Quiz

To add another Skill to the Quiz, click on the Add Skill button at the bottom left (see screenshot below). Then you can add Skills to the same Quiz.

Add Skill to a Quiz

2. Creating Separate Quizzes

To add a new Quiz, click the Add Quiz button in the bottom right corner (see screenshot below).
Then you can either add Equip's Content or Your Content.
If you select Equip's Content, add a skill for the new Quiz by clicking the Add Skill button then set the Difficulty Level and add the Number of Questions per Skill.
If you select My Content, you can select the required quiz from Your Tests.
If you select Create New, you can create your own Quiz.

Adding a new Quiz

If you are using your own content and you have multiple Quizzes, you cannot combine the two Quizzes. You will have to add them separately as two quizzes.

Updated on: 10/11/2023

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