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Why can I not see Quiz questions while creating assessments or viewing candidate results?

Question Bank

If you use Equip's content in your assessments, the Quizzes draw questions from our Question Banks. The questions are drawn randomly and different candidates end up seeing different questions, but at the same difficulty level. (Remember that you set this difficulty level when you create the assessment.)

Why I can't I see the specific questions?

In short, this is because we do not want to expose the questions as questions can easily leak. So, whether you are creating the assessment or viewing the results of the assessment, the Quiz questions are not visible to you.

You may say that you are a recruiter and so you should be allowed to see the questions. But, if you recall how you created your Team, we open it up for anyone to self-onboard. A determined candidate can easily create a Team, create an assessment the way you did and attempt the assessment enough times to unearth quiz questions. In order to protect against this, we do not show the exact question that was asked.

Makes sense, but I am still not satisfied!

Two more points:

You typically do not need to know the exact question that was asked of a candidate. We provide the skill-wise and difficulty level-wise breakdown for this very reason. You must trust that we are asking the relevant questions :)
If you still insist that you want to know exactly which questions the candidate answered, you can create a Custom Quiz. With a Custom Quiz, the content is your own and will only be known to your team. You can then see a question-wise breakdown of the candidate's performance.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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