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Sending Email Invitations to Candidates

After you create an Equip assessment, you can directly share the assessment link with your candidates from the Recruiter Dashboard. When you send email invitations to candidates, you can:

Track emails statuses as delivered, opened, clicked or bounced
Ensure your assessment is attempted only by the candidates you invite
Send invitations to multiple candidates by bulk uploading email addresses in a CSV

How to

Click on the Invite button below the assessment title on your dashboard

Invite candidates to your assessment

Sending Emails

If you have a few candidates that you want to send the assessment to, you can directly type or paste their email addresses as shown in the screenshot below. For a large list of candidates, you can upload a list of emails addresses as a CSV file. Download the template and follow the same format to import your candidates' email addresses successfully using a CSV file.

Importing Candidate Email Addresses

Email Template

The Subject Line for the email is autofilled. You may edit it if required.
To send a common assessment link to all candidates select Yes for Use the same Assessment URL for all candidates? To send a unique, one-time URL, select No. To know more about unique URLs for every candidate, click here. This setting corresponds to you preference for unique URLs in the assessment settings while creating the assessment. If you change it while sending email invitation, the same setting will automatically apply to the unique URL section in your assessment settings.
The email content is autogenerated. You may edit it, but ensure you do not remove the Assessment Link.
Click Send Emails to send your emails.

The candidates will receive the email from the email address you have used in your Equip account. Please ensure it is your business email and not your personal email address in case the candidates choose to respond to your emails and communicate with you. You can view and edit the email associated with your Equip account from the Profile section on the sidebar.

Email Template to send assessment invitations
While making changes to the email content, do not edit the hyperlink for the assessment. Making any changes to the assessment link manually in the email template will prevent your candidates from accessing the assessment.

Email Tracking

Once you have sent emails, you can track their status as shown below. This is what the following delivery statuses mean:

Delivered: The candidate has received the email in their inbox
Opened: The candidate has opened the email delivered to their inbox
Clicked: The candidate has opened the email and clicked the assessment link
Bounced: The candidate has not received your email. This could happen for a number of reasons but you may want to double check if you have entered the correct email address for such cases.

Tracking Email Status for Candidates

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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