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Unique URL for every Candidate

After you create an assessment, you can either share the same link for all the candidates. or create a unique link for each candidate.

A one-time URL can be used only once. If a user clicks on it and logs in to Equip, only the same account can access that URL. If a user with a different account tries to access the same URL, Equip will say that the link has expired. Due to this, candidates cannot share URLs with one another, reducing the chances of cheating. Moreover, as a recruiter, you can safeguard the credits in your account as only candidates you share the URL with can attempt the assessment.

How to generate One-time URLs?

Go to the Candidate Login section in the assessment Settings
Select No for 'Use the same URL for all candidates?
Click the link to generate one-time URLs in a new tab.

Enter the number of URLs and click Generate. You can generate up to 300 URLs using this method.
Copy the URLs into a CSV file and send one unique link per candidate.
Developers can use an API to generate URLs. You can make a GET request to the API endpoint, as shown in the screenshot below, to get the One-time URLs in response. Replace num_urls_needed with the appropriate value.

Generating one-time URLs

For Lever integration users

If you use Lever integration with Equip, you do not need to enable one-time URLs from the assessment settings on Equip. Equip assessments shared from Lever have a unique URL and it is automatically emailed to the candidates.

Set up the Lever integration and move the candidate to the Equip Assessment stage. Then we map a unique link to the candidate's email address and email it to the candidate. Read more about using our Lever integration here.

Updated on: 07/07/2023

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