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What do settings mean on Equip?

While creating an assessment, you can define how candidates interact with your assessment in the Assessment Settings. These assessment settings can be modified anytime from your Recruiter Dashboard.


If you want allow candidates to start your assessment only within a certain timeframe, you can add date and time conditions for it under Cannot Start Before and Cannot Start After. You can set either or both of these for your assessment but you would need to specify the date and time for whichever option you choose.

Timer Settings for an Assessment

The time you select for Cannot Start Before and Cannot Start After corresponds to your local time. If you plan to share your assessments across time zones, make sure to set the right time for the candidates to attempt the assessment.

Candidate Login

Candidate Login Settings

Login Providers

You can select LinkedIn and Google login for the candidates to attempt the assessment. They would need to login to their respective LinkedIn or Google account to take the assessment.

We recommend enabling only LinkedIn login if your users have LinkedIn accounts, especially if you do not share a unique URL for each candidate. This will make it more difficult for a user to preview the questions using a fake Google account.

Gathering Additional Details

Equip automatically captures the candidate’s first and last name, email ID and profile picture during login. Select Yes to capture additional data you’d like the candidate to fill out manually. This includes phone number, LinkedIn URL, College Name, Graduation Year, Department and Work Experience (in years).

These details are collected when the candidate clicks the assessment, before starting the first test.


Miscellaneous Settings

Write to Google Sheets

On enabling this setting, you can obtain candidates' assessment results in a spreadsheet real-time. Make sure to provide Editor access to the spreadsheet. More on writing to Google Sheets here.

Custom Instructions

Equip shows default instructions for points and negative points in the assessment, duration, proctoring, demo tests and so on. These instructions are sufficient for any candidate to understand how they should proceed with attempting the assessment on their own. Customise the instructions if you absolutely need to.

When you add custom instructions, the default instructions are overwritten.

Proctoring Settings

To modify proctoring settings, go to the Test Order tab. More details on Proctoring Settings here.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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