What is a Custom Test?

A custom test is a test you create with your own content. We have different types of tests (quizzes, programming challenges, etc) and you can create any of these tests with your own questions.

Once you create the test, you can link it to any Equip assessment (even across assessments). The video below shows you how to create a Custom Quiz and link it to an Assessment.

Tests can be of different types:

1. Quiz

Question Types in a Quiz

Short Text
Single-line Input
Answer Any
Voice Input

Click here to understand what each Question Type means and how to create it.

2. Programming Challenge
These include Automated Coding Tests across multiple popular languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, and Go. Candidates can run test cases test their code. Programming Challenges are useful for to assess candidates' coding skills.

3. Video Interview
Video Interviews are great to conduct asynchronous interviews. The questions for the interview can be uploaded in a text and video format and candidates record their answers as video responses.

4. CSS Challenge
CSS Challenges have a target UI design and a CSS editor. Candidates write CSS code to replicate the design.

5. SQL Challenge
SQL Challenges include Automated SQL tests. These are useful for testing Database Skills.
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