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Equip Content v/s Custom Content

Equip Content and Custom Content

You can use Equip's question banks to create assessments for multiple roles. Or, you can create your own tests with your own questions. Tests you create are called Custom Tests. Equip's content is useful if you want to create the assessment in seconds, and not spend time thinking of questions to ask. Custom content is useful if you want more control in the questions as well as candidate experience.

Benefits of Custom Content

These are the major differences between using Equip's Content for your test v/s using Custom Content.

FeatureEquip's ContentCustom Content
ProctoringCANNOT change settingsCAN change settings
Select QuestionsNo for Quizzes. Yes for other test typesYes for all test types
Set Points & Remove Negative Points for MCQsNoYes
Show all Quiz Questions at once (and not the default one-by-one)NoYes
See Questions Candidate AttemptedNo for Quizzes. Yes for other test typesYes for all test types
Set Time Per Question/TestNoYes
Set Time For AssessmentNoNo

While it looks like Custom Content have many benefits, we still recommend Equip's content because our questions are highly curated, and our proctoring and other settings have been set specifically to ensure fairness and effectiveness at identifying the best candidates.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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