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Do Equip's tests have negative points?

tl;dr: Only MCQs and MCAs in Equip content quizzes have negative points. With other test types or custom content, there are no negative points

Test Types

Equip supports multiple test types like Quizzes, Programming Challenge, Video Responses, etc for its own content as well as custom content you create. If you are using Equip's content in a quiz and only if the questions are Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs) or Multiple Correct Answer questions (MCAs), the questions carry negative points. The negative points are clearly pointed out for each question, as shown below.

Negative Points on Equip Quiz Questions

Can I disable negative points?

No. If you are using Equip's content, you cannot disable negative points. While candidates may complain, and the scores may seem low, we strongly believe that candidates can get lucky with MCQs and MCAs, and having negative points will make them think twice before choosing an option!

If you disagree with this, you can create your own questions using Custom Tests and not set negative points for any question.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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