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Can the candidate resume a test?

Resuming an assessment

On Equip, an assessment is a set of tests that the candidate attempts one after another. As we discuss in this article, you cannot set the time limit for an entire assessment—the time limits depend on the test the candidate is on, or the particular question within a test they are on. That is, the time limit, depends on the test type.

By resume an assessment, we mean that the assessment is opened again by the candidate. This can happen because the candidate:
(i) refreshes the page
(ii) opens the same link on a different tab
(iii) opens the same link on a different browser or device.

On Equip, all these scenarios are called resuming the assessment.

Two Scenarios in resuming the assessment

When a candidate resumes an assessment, Equip tries to resume the test they were on. Some tests have a time limit set at the test level. Others have a time limit set at the question level. In the table below, only One-by-one Quiz and Video Response have time set at the question level.

Resumption Type 1: Imagine a candidate was on Question 3 in a One-by-one Quiz. If the candidate refreshes the page, they cannot answer Question 3 anymore. They will have to Skip answering it, and will have to move to Question 4. They can do this any number of times. Because the candidate hasn't seen Question 4, we don't need to check for time limits and number of resumptions to let the candidate resume the test.

Resumption Type 2: Imagine the candidate started a Programming Test at 11 AM. The test is for 45 minutes. They closed the tab at 11.20 AM and then resumed the test at 11.30 AM. They will now have 15 minutes left, because the test was supposed to end at 11.45 AM. If they try resuming the test at 11.50 AM, they won't be able to resume it.


For each test type, the table below shows whether the resumption type is of Type 1 or 2.

Test TypeResumption Type
Video Response1
One-by-one Quiz1
All-at-once Quiz2
Programming Test2
CSS Test2
SQL Test2

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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