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Understanding How Scoring Works on Equip

On Equip, you can combine multiple tests into a single assessment. For instance, an assessment for a Software Developer may contain a Quiz and a Programming Challenge. The candidate gets a single link and attempts one test after another. On the Recruiter Dashboard, for a candidate's results, you will see each test's Individual Score and an Overall Score.


The Overall Score is calculated based on the weightage you assign to each test in the assessment settings. Naturally, if you think one test is more important than the other, you will assign it a higher weightage. In the example below, as a candidate's programming ability is significantly important for the role, the programming test has a higher weightage.

All tests are assigned equal weightage by default while creating an assessment. You can also drag and rearrange the Test Order while assigning weightage.

Setting and Changing Weightage

You can set Weightage for each test from the Test Order tab of your Assessment Settings. If you change the Weightage in your Assessment Settings, Equip recalculates the overall scores of previous submissions. Thus, you can modify weightage any time from the Assessment Settings.

The sum of all weightage is always equal to 100.

Test Scores

Individual Test Scores for each candidate are shown in the Results of the assessment. You can click Test Scores to view the Test Summary, Proctoring Summary and Session Recording for a test. If a Test Score needs you attention for grading ungraded questions, it will be marked as ungraded. Learn more about grading questions on Equip.

Test Score

Overall Score

The Overall Score is calculated based on the Weightage and Individual Test Scores. Say the weightage of Test 1 is 70% and that of Test 2 is 30%. If a candidate scores 40/50 (=0.8) on Test 1 and 10/20 (=0.5) on Test 2, the Overall Score is ((0.8*70)+(0.5*30))= 71%

We recommend grading questions, if necessary, before comparing Overall Scores to avoid errors while shortlisting candidates.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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