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Do all candidates see the same questions?

Selecting the Questions

Equip has a vast question bank of tests and questions. When you use Equip's content, whether you get to choose the exact question a candidate sees or not, depends on the test type.

For tests that say "No" in the table below, this means that the questions are drawn randomly from the question bank. So, different candidates will see different questions. Of course, the questions will be of a similar difficulty level

Test TypeCan Select Questions?
Attention to DetailNo
Video interviewYes
English CommunicationYes

Can we see the questions in the Question Bank?

As recruiters, you cannot see/select the individual questions for test types that have a No in the table above. Even on request, we do not provide these questions because this is proprietary to us. Creating a recruiter account is extremely simple, and open to everyone. If we expose the question bank to recruiters, then anyone can see all the questions and the integrity of the tests will be compromised.

If you want to have full control over the exact MCQs that get asked, consider creating a Custom Test.

Updated on: 10/11/2023

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