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Creating a Custom Question Bank Quiz

What is a Question Bank in Custom Tests?

If you have a large database of your own questions and then select a subset of those questions by difficulty level in a Quiz, you can use a Question Bank in Custom Tests. Creating a Question Bank is similar to creating a Quiz in Custom Tests.

Create a Question Bank in Custom Tests

If a Skill exists in Equip's Question Bank, we recommend using it directly instead of creating your own Question Bank.

What is a Question Bank Quiz in Custom Tests?

To use Questions from a Question Bank you will have to create a Question Bank Quiz.

Using a Question Bank Quiz

If you have 10 Questions in Java Question Bank and 20 Questions in Logical Reasoning Question Bank, you can then randomly select a certain number of questions based on difficulty level from each by creating a Question Bank Quiz. For example, as shown in the screenshot below, when you select 3 Questions with Difficulty Level 1 for Java, 3 Questions with Points equal to 1 will be randomly chosen from the Java Question Bank you have created.

Adding Questions in a Question Bank Quiz by Difficulty Level

Difficulty Level in the Question Bank Quiz corresponds to the points you set per Question while creating the Question Bank.

Adding a Question Bank Quiz to an Assessment

You can add a Question Bank Quiz to any assessment on Equip by clicking 'My Content' in the quiz tab, while adding different test types. Remember to create a Question Bank Quiz using your Question Bank in order to add to your assessment.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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