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Anti-cheating Settings

Anti-cheating Settings

Apart from tests being proctored on Equip, we also have a few settings that make it difficult for candidates to cheat. They are:

Randomize the question order: For Quizzes that show questions all-at-once, the order in which the questions are shown is randomized. So, Candidate 1 may see an MCQ and then an MCA. Candidate 2 may see the MCA first and then the MCA. For Question Bank Quizzes (for eg, Quizzes with Equip's content), the question order is randomized too, because the questions themselves are picked at random.
Shuffle choices within a question: For Quizzes with MCQs, MCAs, etc the choices are randomly shuffled
Disable Copy & Paste: Candidate cannot copy the question, or paste something in the tab (especially useful for Coding Challenges)
Auto-submit on Tab-switch: If candidate switches to a different tab more than n times, the test gets auto-submitted

Tests with Equip's Content

If you are using Equip's content, the following table shows the anti-cheating settings that get applied automatically for the different test types. You cannot change these settings.

Test TypeRandomize QuestionShuffle ChoicesDisable Copy-PasteAuto-submit on Tab-switch
Video ResponseNoN/ANoNo

N/A: These tests contain only one question or don't have choices

Tests with Custom Content

If you are using your own content (Custom Test), you can configure these settings for each test. The video below shows how you can change these settings.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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