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Why are some assessment results missing?

Missing Results

If you don't see a candidate's attempt on an assessment result's page, it could be because:

The attempt is unfinished and you have not selected the Show Unfinished option in the filters. You can see the attempt by just selecting the option.

You (or someone from your team) has deleted the candidate's attempt. Unfortunately, you cannot restore this.

Your assessment now has a different set of tests as compared to when the candidate attempted the assessment. We call the candidate's test attempts in this case Delinked Test Attempts.

Delinked Test Attempts

Let's say your assessment originally had a Quiz with 5 Medium-difficulty Finance Questions and a Video Response test. Candidate X attempted the assessment. You then changed the assessment by removing Finance and adding Accounting. You also removed the Video Response test. Candidates Y and Z then attempted the assessment.

If you visit the assessment's results page, you will only see Candidate Y's and Z's results. We do not show Candidate X's results because you cannot compare the individual test scores and overall scores of X with Y and Z, as the underlying tests are different. X's Quiz and Video Response attempt are called Delinked Test Attempts, because they are not linked to the Results page.

Viewing Delinked Test Attempts

The results dashboard has a link that will easily lead you to delinked test attempts.

Because of the way our Question Banks are configured, if you restore a Quiz with Equip's content to the same settings as earlier, the previous attempts will still be delinked. For example, if you changed back the assessment's settings above from Accounting to Finance, Candidate X's quiz test attempt will still be delinked. But, if you added back the Video Response, you will be able to see it on the Results page.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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