Using Document in Custom Tests

What is it?

The Document question type makes it easier to have a single reference document, and ask multiple questions based on it. You upload the document in the parent question and candidates can refer the same document across multiple questions. Document is similar to Comprehension except you can upload a PDF file instead of using long text/images.

This question type is useful is you want to include case studies as a part of your assessment. Using this feature, you can add instructions to read a document and follow it up with many MCQ, MCA, Short Text or other question types.

How to create it?

Create a Custom Test.
Select the question type Document from the drop-down menu.
Enter the instructions in the Description Text (optional).
Upload the PDF.
Add sub-questions based on the document. Set points for each question if required.

You can set points for sub-questions. If you want to set a timer, it can be set for the parent question and not the sub-questions. All sub-questions will appear at once underneath the document and candidates can answer them in any order.

Video Tutorial

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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