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Previewing an Assessment

Preview Types

Once you create an assessment, you will see a link to preview it on your dashboard. On clicking the link, you will see two ways to preview it.

As a Recruiter: useful to see how the tests will look. Unlike on an actual assessment, you can jump from one test to another. Proctoring (camera tracking, screen sharing) is disabled.
As a Candidate: useful to see the actual candidate experience. You will attempt the assessment exactly the way a candidate would. You will grant access to your camera and screen sharing, and must finish a test before you see the next test.

If you are Previewing an assessment, you will see only Sample Questions from a Quiz if you are using Equip's content

What Questions do you see while Previewing?

When you preview the tests in an assessment, the questions you see depend on the test type, and also whether you are using Equip's content. The table below summarizes what questions you see:

Content SourceTest TypeQuestions while Previewing
Your ContentAny TestsSame as candidate
Equip's ContentEverything except QuizSame as candidate
Equip's ContentQuizSample questions

As you can see from the table, for the first two rows, you will see the same questions as the candidate.

What are sample questions and why can I not see the real quiz questions?

This article explains why you cannot see the actual Quiz Questions. Instead, we have a question bank of sample questions. These questions are representative of the real questions a candidate sees. For example, if you are testing a candidate for their Python skills, we may have hundreds of MCQs on Python in our actual Question Bank. These MCQs are categorized based on their difficulty. There will also be a sample question bank with a smaller number of questions, also categorized based on difficulties.

If you decide to add 5 easy-level Python MCQs to your assessment, when you preview the assessment, you will see 5 easy-level questions that are of the same difficulty level. These questions come from the Sample Question Bank and not the Actual Question Bank. But, that should be fine, because the point of previewing the assessment is to get a sense of the questions. If you want to see the actual questions, you can invite yourself to the assessment. But, remember that this will deduct a credit from your account. You (and your team) may preview an assessment as many times as you want, without credits being deducted.

Say you have added 10 easy-level Python MCQs, but there are only 5 easy-level Python MCQs in the Sample Question Bank. You will see only 5 MCQs in the Preview. The candidate will see 10 when they attempt the assessment, though. If you have been allowed to select 10 questions while creating the assessment, this means there are at least 10 questions in the Actual Question bank.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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