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Issues with Creating Custom Coding Challenges

What is a Custom Coding Challenge?

Equip has a large library of coding questions for its skill assessments. These questions are categorized based on the programming language and difficulty level. Equip also supports creating your own coding questions, which we call Custom Tests. If you want to create a custom coding challenge specifically, you may find all the instructions here.

Why we recommend using Equip's content for coding challenges?

Even though you can create your own content, we highly recommend that you use Equip's content for coding challenges. Reasons:

Unlike a quiz, a coding challenge is fairly complex to set up. Even if you are a well-trained developer, you need to understand what we mean by boilerplates, think of edge cases and so on. Each of Equip's coding challenge has already been used by thousands of candidates, so it is guaranteed to work.

Because coding challenges are automatically graded, even the slightest change in reading input or printing output will mean all your candidates' submissions may be marked as incorrect

Different platforms implement coding challenges differently. So, if your candidate has used a different platform, the instructions need to be clear about what they need to do. If you aren't careful with the instructions, the candidates will not be able to proceed

Unlike quizzes with Equip's content, you can select the specific coding question while creating the assessment, as well as see the question as part of the candidate's results. So, if you can choose the appropriate question easily, why would you create your own!

What if I face an issue creating custom coding questions?

If you still insist on creating your own custom coding question, that is perfectly fine of course! But, please note that if you face an issue, in almost all cases, it is because you have not set up the question properly. While we are happy to take a look at what went wrong, it is extremely time-consuming. Especially if multiple programming languages are involved, this will mean we must have multiple developers look at the questions.

We charge 5 credits per test per request to check your custom coding questions. If you are OK with the 5 credits deduction, someone from the tech team will investigate what is wrong and get back to you in 24 business hours.

Of course, if the issue is at our end, we will refund the 5 credits. We pride ourselves in our customer support and we'd never charge for regular queries on our live chat. We hope you are understanding of the time and effort required to solve these issues, and therefore the cost.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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