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Import Questions Using Excel

While creating a custom test on Equip, you can import questions directly from an Excel file. On, select Custom Tests on the left sidebar. Then click the New button to create a new Quiz and then import the Excel file. The questions in the Excel file get appended to the quiz. You can achieve this by clicking on the Import button (highlighted in blue) on your the top right of your screen.

Import from Excel


Add Questions via Excel file

Click 'Download Template' or Visit this Google Sheets template and download the file as an Excel (File > Download As).
Once the file is downloaded, make the changes in the Excel file directly. DO NOT remove any columns from the file.
The different columns are explained in the section below.
Your Excel file must contain only one sheet.
Save your Excel file after ensuring that it has no empty rows before you upload it onto your Equip Custom Test.
Open the quiz to which you want to add questions and click on the 'Import from Excel' icon.
Enable Autocalculate Negative Points if you want negative points to be added automatically, based on the points you assign for each question. This is explained below.

If you have used LaTeX formatting while entering equations in your Excel file, enable LaTeX in the Advanced Settings of your Quiz as shown below.

Enable LaTeX for equations

Column Meanings

The meanings of the different columns in the Excel file are mentioned below. Any column with a * corresponds to a column that cannot be empty.
Question Type*: Can be one of MCQ (Single Correct Answer) or MCA (Multiple Correct Answers).
Question*: The text of the question you want to ask.
Opt1 - Opt5: The text of the different choices. If you have only three choices, fill in Opt1, Opt2, Opt3 and leave the rest blank. It is important to note that every question must have at least two options.
CorrectAnsInd*: For an MCQ, this is an integer corresponding to the choice number that is correct. For example, if Option Number 2 is the correct answer, CorrectAnsInd = 2. For an MCA, if Option Numbers 2 and 3 are correct, CorrectAnsInd = 2,3. That is, separate the numbers with a comma and no space.
Markdown: If you want your questions and options to be shown as Markdown, enter 1 in this column. Else, you can leave it blank.
Points: Number of points for the correct answer. You can leave this blank if you aren't assigning points.
Time (in seconds): You can specify the time limit in seconds for each question.
Image: The URL of an image you want to show along with the question. The image has to be a direct URL (ending in a .jpg, .png, etc). Do not share a Google Drive link or the link to a page that contains an image.

You can always make changes to your quiz after you have imported questions. So, if you want to add a non-MCQ and non-MCA question, or you want to re-assign the points to a question, you can do it after the questions have been imported.

Autocalculate Negative Points

If you are uploading a large number of questions and want to have negative points enabled, you may choose to Autocalculate Negative Points. With this option, every MCQ will automatically get assigned negative points, based on the points assigned to the question. The formula used for calculating the negative points is:

Number of Negative Points = (Number of Points Assigned)/(Number of Options)

For example, an MCQ with 2 points and 4 options will have 2/4 = 0.5 negative points. Note that for MCAs we do not autocalculate negative points

Video Tutorial

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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