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How Assessment URLs in Email Invitations Work

Email Invitations

You can invite candidates to take the assessment from your dashboard. Under each assessment, you will see an Invite link that you can click on.

Invite Candidates

Once you click the Invite link, you will see a page where you can edit the Subject, add Recipients and modify the email contents.

How Assessment URLs work

Every email that you send has a unique assessment URL that can only be used once
Each candidate receives the same email body. The only difference is that the Assessment Link is different in each email
When anyone visits the URL (could be the email recipient, or even someone who gets the link from the email recipient), they will be asked to log in via Google/LinkedIn, depending on your Assessment Settings
As soon as they log in, that URL and the login account get linked. Let's say the account this user logged in with is Account X


1. What happens if someone else opens the same assessment URL?

If a user visits the same URL (say on a different device), they will again be shown a login with Google/LinkedIn page. If they log in with any account apart from Account X, the user will be informed that the one-time URL has already been used up.

2. What happens if the same candidate logs in on a different device with Account X?

Because the URL and Account are linked in Step 4 above, Equip knows that it is the same candidate attempting the assessment from a different device. So, it allows the candidate to resume the assessment. For example, if the candidate was in the middle of a test on a previous device and had 10 minutes remaining, the same test will load with 10 minutes on this device

Yes. Remember that the link itself has no information about whom it is being sent to. The only two things you know about the link are: (i) it is emailed to Candidate 1; (ii) it can only be used by one login account. There is no way for us to verify if Candidate 1 took the assessment, or shared it with Candidate 2 who took the assessment. When you look at the results, you can cross-check using the Proctoring report if it was Candidate 1 or Candidate 2.

4. Do the URLs expire?

The assessment URLs never expire. Once you share it with a candidate, they can access it whenever they want.

5. Can I revoke an invitation, disable a URL, or block a candidate after sending the invitation?

No, once you have invited a candidate, you cannot revoke the invitation. (Remember that you aren't charged based on the invitations. Your credits are deducted only if a candidate finishes the first test of an assessment.)

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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