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Changing Sender Name and Email Address on Email Invites

Email Invitations

You can invite candidates to take the assessment from your dashboard. Under each assessment, you will see an Invite link that you can click on.

Invite Candidates

Once you click the Invite link, you will see a page where you can edit the Subject, add Recipients and modify the email contents.

The emails always get sent out from If the email recipient clicks the Reply button to the email, they will see your email ID

Changing the Name and Email ID

You cannot change the "from" email ID. It will always be
The reply-to email ID is your email ID. If you want to change this email ID, change it on your Profile page
If you invite a candidate, your email ID will be the reply-to. If you want someone else on your team's email ID, they must invite the candidate
When the email is sent, the sender name is your (first + last) name. If you want to change it, change it on your Profile page

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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