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Adding a Video Response to Equip Assessment

What is Video Response?

Video Responses are ideal to assess candidates' communication and articulation skills. Using the Video Response feature, recruiters can receive video responses asynchronously without scheduling and rescheduling meetings. They can create a Video Response on Equip by uploading questions in the form of text or videos. After sending the assessment link to the candidates, the candidates can record their answers and complete the entire process remotely.

This entire process of candidates recording their responses and submitting them happens natively within the platform without any extensions or add-ons. Candidates can also use their mobile devices to attempt video responses on Equip. Recruiters can view the video responses on their Recruiter Dashboard without the hassle of downloading or storing any videos on the cloud and their devices.

How to create

On your Recruiter Dashboard, click Custom Tests on the sidebar.
Select Video Response and click Create.
Add a Title for your Video Response(mandatory). We recommend adding a unique title based on the questions in the video response so that it is easier for you to identify the test while adding it to several assessments.
You can upload an Intro Video that appears before the candidate starts attempting the Video Response. This can be an introduction to your company or the recruiter involved in the process, informing the candidate what to expect next or anything you would want to make the candidate feel at ease before starting the actual test.
You can also upload your company logo as the thumbnail and mention custom instructions as text.
Select Add Questions to proceed.
Type the Question or upload it as a Video.

We recommend that candidates click the Try Demo button on the assessment instructions page to attempt the demo test for Video Response before proceeding with the actual test. This helps them to be familiar with how the platform works and detect any potential issues with their device's camera and microphone before taking the actual test.

Configuring Video Response Settings

Points: Assign the maximum points per question that a recruiter can award for the right answer while grading the response.
Auto Start Recording: Enable it to auto-start video recording after a specific time. Once enabled, set the time duration.
Answer Time: Enable this to limit the duration of the video response from the candidate. Once enabled, set the time duration.
Allow Retake: Enable this if you want to allow candidates to re-record their responses. Once enabled, set the number of retakes.
Cannot Skip: Select the Cannot Skip feature to make a question mandatory. Users will not be able to proceed to the next question, or submit the test, without attempting mandatory questions.

If you want to avoid grading Video Responses manually, you can skip setting points per question. Set the weightage for video response to zero in the Test Order tab.

Adding Video Response to an Assessment

While creating an assessment, select Video Response in the Tests tab.
Click +Video Response to either select an existing Video Response from your Custom Tests or Create New.


Learn how to grade Video Responses on Equip.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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