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You don't seem to have the Skills I want to assess for!

Hello there!

You perhaps saw the skills listed on our Skills Page. While we list a lot of skills there, you may not have found the Skill you are looking for. Don't worry, we got you covered!

- Firstly, not all Skills that we have questions and tests for show up on that page. So, if you are looking for questions for a popular skill and you don't see it there, we may still have that in our Question Bank. Once you create an account, questions from that Skill will show up.

- Even if we don't have questions for that Skill, we can create them for you. The turnaround time is typically 5 working days. If it is a Skill that we think our other customers would want, we even create the questions for free!

- If neither of the above works out, you can always add questions of your own via Custom Tests

So, if your concern is about Equip not supporting a skill, don't worry! Just reach out to us on our live chat to check availability of questions for your desired Skill. We are sure we can help you out with it!

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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