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Demo or Trial Account

tl;dr: No demo account. Create an account using this link, assess up to 10 candidates for free and then purchase as many credits as you want.

As you explore Equip, you may want a demo account where you can try features, invite team members to assessments and so on. Once you are convinced with the demo account, you would then want to upgrade to a real account.

Create Account

With Equip, a team gets a single account. To create this account, you can sign in with your work email address on this link. On average, this process takes 42 seconds.

Once you create the account, you can:

Create as many assessments as you want - for free!
Invite as many teammates as you want - for free!
Preview as many tests with sample content as you want - for free!
Assess 10 candidates with the 10 free credits that you get by creating the account

Single Account

Once you have experimented with the account, and want to move to an actual account, you can just archive the assessments you have created, and have a fresh account. You don't need to do anything else!

If this sounds weird, think of how you used any software (say, WhatsApp) for the first time. You installed the app, played around with it, understood how it works, and continued to use it!

Demo Features

If you aren't ready to create an account, you can see:

Our Sample Recruiter Dashboard - to understand assessments, settings, test results, proctoring results and so on
An Interactive Demo - shows how the flow of Equip assessment creation and shortlisting works

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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