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Getting Started on Equip

Assessments and Tests

The simplest way to get started on Equip as a recruiter is to create an assessment and preview it. An assessment is a set of tests that a candidate must take one after another. So, before creating an assessment, you will need to have tests to add to the assessment. Equip has standardized tests, with questions from its own database, that you can add to an assessment. You can also create your own tests and add those to an assessment.

Creating an Assessment

The link to an assessment is what you will share with a candidate. You just have to select the job role and the experience level required for the role. We select some skills based on the role you have selected, but you can always add more skills to the assessment. The video below is fairly self-explanatory.

Creating a Custom Test

Tests that you create on your own are called Custom Tests. Let's create a simple quiz with a few questions. For this, you will click on Custom Tests on the left sidebar and then click on "Add New" Under Quizzes. You can then add a question with options. Once you have created the test you can add it to an assessment. The video below shows how you can add questions to the quiz.

Previewing an Assessment

You can preview an assessment after creating it. If you are using Equip's content for a Quiz, you cannot preview the actual questions that the candidate may see, because the questions come from a database that we obviously want to protect. For such tests, the Preview shows Sample Content that is representative of the questions the candidate may be asked. For other tests, including Custom Tests, you can preview the actual questions. Learn more about previewing assessments.

Once you have previewed the assessment, you can just click on the Invite button. The simplest way of sharing an assessment is to enter or upload the CSV of email addresses of candidates in the input box on the invite page. Each candidate will receive a unique link to the assessment. Once they click on the link, they will be made to login and will start the assessment. As this happens, you should see your dashboard get updated with usage statistics real-time.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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